Live webcams

Live webcams

Fennec foxes

Two adult fennec foxes line in Hämärä house, together with their two pups.
Outdoor enclosure:

Indoor enclosure:

White-faced sakis and pygmy marmosets

White-faced sakis and pygmy marmosets live in the tropical building Amazonia, with an elderly Hoffman’s sloth that’s nearly 50 years old. They are fed daily around 7.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm (GMT+2).

European forest reindeers

One male and few female European forest reindeers are living in Korkeasaari Zoo, along with their offspring born last year. The young forest reindeers will take part in reintroduction project in Finland.

Dwarf mongoose

Besides our dwarf mongoose group, you might also see village weavers, as they fly free in our tropical building Africasia’s desert side.