Korkeasaari Zoo is a non-profit foundation, officially named Korkeasaaren eläintarhan säätiö sr, that aims to conserve endangered species and biodiversity. The zoo is part of the Helsinki City Group and the city supports its operations. The Foundation’s decision-making body is the Board, whose members and chairperson are appointed by the City of Helsinki City Council for a period of two years at a time.

Korkeasaari Zoo employs around 80 staff members, representing more than 30 professional titles. During the summer, the number of staff almost doubles with the addition of seasonal workers. Our aim is to be a diverse and equal working community.


Sanna Hellström
toimitusjohtaja (a)
tel. +358 50 060 9549

zoo.rekrytointi (a)

Animal care and conservation

Director of Animal Care and Conservation
Nina Trontti
nina.trontti (a)
tel. +358 50 511 8118

Ville Vepsäläinen
ville.vepsalainen (a)
tel. +358 50 541 8614

Hanna-Maija Lahtinen (on a parental leave until 9.1.2023)
hannamaija.lahtinen (a)
tel. +358 40 761 3250

Marketing and customer service

Marketing Director
Susanna Silvonen
susanna.silvonen (a)
tel. +358 50 435 9539

Property management and maintenance

Director of Maintenance
Jussi Virtanen
jussi.virtanen (a)
tel. +358 40 701 9223

Maintenance Foreperson
Elina Kurki
elina.kurki (a)
tel. +358 40 528 6607