Korkeasaari Zoo is a non-profit foundation, officially named Korkeasaaren eläintarhan säätiö sr, that aims to conserve endangered species and biodiversity. The zoo is part of the Helsinki City Group and the city supports its operations. The Foundation’s decision-making body is the Board, whose members and chairperson are appointed by the City of Helsinki City Council for a period of two years at a time.

Korkeasaari Zoo employs around 80 staff members, representing more than 30 professional titles. During the summer, the number of staff almost doubles with the addition of seasonal workers. Our aim is to be a diverse and equal working community.


Sanna Hellström
toimitusjohtaja (a)
tel. +358 50 060 9549

Administrative Director
Kirsi Korpaeus
kirsi.korpaeus (a) | puh. +358 40 809 5536

zoo.rekrytointi (a)

The administration is responsible for the zoo’s finances, IT, staff and recruitment. The administration organises internal training and is responsible for staff benefits to encourage Zoo employees to exercise and enjoy culture. The administration also regularly monitors job satisfaction, job meaningfulness and gender equality at the Korkeasaari. In addition, the administration develops procedures related to safety at work.

In addition to the head of the operation, the administration employs Economic Planner, Security Specialist, Administrative Assistant, HR Specialist, HR Assistant, IT Planner and IT Support Technician.

Animal Care and Conservation

Director of Animal Care and Conservation
Nina Trontti
nina.trontti (a)
tel. +358 50 511 8118

Animal Care and Conservation is responsible for the zoo’s animals, their maintenance, development and welfare, and contributes to the conservation of biodiversity both in Finland and abroad. It also carries out research to promote animal welfare and species conservation. Work with endangered species is carried out as a member of both the European and World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA & WAZA), and in cooperation with various conservation organisations. Korkeasaari Zoo coordinates the EAZA ex-situ conservation programmes for the endangered markhor, the European forest reindeer and the snowy owl. The care and treatment of injured wild animals in the Wildlife Hospital is also part of the animal care tasks.

In addition to the head of the operation, the Animal Care and Conservation unit employs three Curators, Research Coordinator, two Zoo Veterinarians, Veterinary Assistant, and more than 30 Zookeepers. There are also temporary seasonal workers and trainees.

Marketing and Customer Service

Marketing Director
Susanna Silvonen
susanna.silvonen (a)
tel. +358 50 435 9539

Marketing and Communications Manager
Juuso Vainio
juuso.vainio (a)
tel. +358 40 687 6395

Marketing and Customer Service is responsible for the zoo’s customer service, public programme, marketing, corporate partnerships, and communicating to customers and the media. The Nature School Arkki organises programme for schoolchildren on endangered species and the importance of nature conservation. The Zoo shop is the wildest shop in Finland. The marketing department prepares all the information and material that the customer sees about the zoo. This includes the zoo’s signage and printed material, website, social media and video production, as well as the development of visitor experience, sales, service production and information systems.

In addition to the head of the operation, the Marketing and Customer Service team includes Marketing Specialist, Media Relations Specialist, Graphic Designer, Visual Content Creator, Event Planner, Exhibition Expert, two Zoo Educators, Shop Manager, Ticket Sales Manager and Customer Servicers. Temporary seasonal staff include Customer Servicers, Sales staff, and Guides, who also work year-round as freelancers.

Property Management and Maintenance

Director of Maintenance
Jussi Virtanen
jussi.virtanen (a)
tel. +358 40 701 9223

Property manager
Elina Kurki
elina.kurki (a)
tel. +358 40 528 6607

Property Management and Maintenance keeps the zoo clean and safe for customers, staff and animals. This function is responsible for the construction and renovation of the zoo’s environment, as well as the maintenance of its buildings, parks, greenhouses, structures and equipment. It also takes care of cleanliness, waste management, and part of the animal transports. It also produces and records vegetation information and contributes to the planning and development of the zoo.

In addition to the head of the operation, Property and Environment employs Maintenance Supervisor, Technical Property Manager, Property Managers, Gardeners and Maintenance workers. Seasonal workers include Garden Assistants and Maintenance assistants.