Korkeasaari Zoo

Welcome to the island of animals!

Korkeasaari Zoo is uniquely located on an island, in the Baltic Sea. It is only a short distance from the Helsinki city centre. The Zoo is home to over 150 animal species. Meet the large Amur tigers, tiny pygmy marmosets, agile snow leopards, impressive European bisons and dazzling peafowls alongside indigenous Finnish species such as the bear, wolverine and European forest reindeer. All this while enjoying the silence and peace of the Finnish nature surrounding you.

The zoo was established in 1889, which makes it one of the oldest zoos in the world. Korkeasaari Zoo’s mission is to conserve biodiversity, and we participate in in-situ conservation work to protect the original habitats of various species. By visiting Korkeasaari Zoo, you support our work as defenders of biodiversity and endangered species.

The zoo is open all year round!

Spring is full of surprises when the nature wakes up and animals bring out their newborns for the first time. Summer is a lovely time in the Finnish archipelago with lush, green nature. The ferry ride from the city centre is a wonderful experience. Autumn has its own spirit when the mythical darkness conquers the island and big cats in the Cat Valley get active. Winter can be truly magical when it snows most of the animals stay outdoors throughout the year regardless of the weather. The tropical houses provide nice places to visit, especially during cold weather.

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Korkeasaari Zoo
Post address: P.O. Box 1000, 00811 Helsinki, Finland
Visiting address: Mustikkamaanpolku 12, Helsinki, Finland – read more about the nearby parking lots and public transportation options

Customer service: +358 50 352 5989
E-mail: info (a) korkeasaari.fi
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Korkeasaari Zoo is an accredited member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums EAZA, and also a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums WAZA, the International Zoo Educators Association IZE, and both the Finnish and Swedish (SDF) zoo associations.

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