Strategy and values

Korkeasaari Zoo

We want a better world for wild animals

By inspiring

  • To visit – Korkeasaari Zoo is a leading Finnish attraction, where people enjoy visiting all year round.
  • To learn – We will make biodiversity understandable, and explain the reasons behind the decreasing numbers of wild animals.
  • To participate – We encourage our visitors to take action for the nature.

By conserving

  • At Korkeasaari – We conserve species by maintaining healthy populations at the Zoo, and by running the Wildlife Hospital.
  • In nature – We participate in the conservation of species in their natural habitat as a part of the network of zoos and conservation organizations.
  • With researh – We do research that contributes to animal welfare, conservation of species and the zoo visitors’ experience.

By caring

  • Of our animals – Every animal has a good life in Korkeasaari Zoo.
  • Of our staff – We have the best workplace in Finland and the best experts of our field.
  • Of our environment – Our operations are ecologically sustainable and won’t strain the environment.

Values that lead our operations

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is the ethical baseline of our operations. We treat every animals as an individual. We also make sure that we know the needs of the species that we take care of. We make sure that the animals’ basic needs are filled and negative experiences (hunger, pain, cold, heat, stress) are minimized, but we also actively create positive experiences for them – a life worth living.

Customer orientation

We have the chance to bring joy, knowledge and experiences to people. Customer orientation means a curious relationship with the zoo environment and with the feedback and ideas that we get. Our staff values our customers and are always ready to help.


We lead by example, meaning that our operations are ecologically sustainable. We work to conserve animals species, and to have positive impact on our visitors when it comes to green choises. We use resources responsibly and persistently.


We communicate openly about our work both in Korkeasaari and to the public. Everything that we do is transparent.


We treat all our visitors and staff members equally and with respect.

Economic efficiency

We are constantly looking for new ways to work efficiently, and use resources deliberately.