Helsinki Zoo

Common Peacock

Spend a fun day at the Zoo!

Helsinki Zoo is home to 150 animal species and almost 1000 plant species that show the diversity of nature. Helsinki Zoo is one of the few zoos located on an island. It is the perfect place to visit due to its natural environment, animals and history. The zoo was established already in 1889 and this makes it one of the oldest zoos in the world. Helsinki Zoo also participates in the work to protect the habitats in the original homes of the various species. Helsinki Zoo´s mission is to work towards preserving biodiversity.

Explore the Cat Valley, meet the barbary macaques and say hi to the brown bears!

Brown Bear

The zoo is open all year round!

Our zoo island welcomes you during all seasons, 364 days of the year. The ferries from mainland operate from the 1st of May to the end of September. During the other seasons you can easily reach the zoo by bus or by car. Please note that the ticket office and entrance closes one hour before the Zoo closes.

JANUARY 10am – 4pm
FEBRUARY 10am – 4pm
MARCH 10am – 4pm
APRIL 10am – 6pm
MAY 10am – 8pm
JUNE 10am – 8pm *Midsummer Eve open from 10am–5pm
JULY 10am – 8pm
AUGUST 10am – 8pm
SEPTEMBER 10am – 6pm *Night of the Cats 1.9. & 8.9. open 16pm–24pm
OCTOBER 10am – 4pm *4.10. open from 10am–4pm. Free entry!
NOVEMBER 10am – 4pm
DECEMBER 10am – 4pm *Closed on Christmas Eve


1-day ticket prices from 0-36 euros

Normal ticket 12€
Annual ticket 50€

Child under 4 years
Free of charge

Child 4-17 years
Normal ticket 6€
Annual ticket 20€

Student, senior
Normal ticket 8€
Annual ticket 30€

Group ticket*
Normal ticket 36€

*Group ticket contains two adults and three 4 to 17 year old children.
*Ferry traffic starts every year on the 1st of May.

In order to receive a discount be prepared to present a valid ID document at the ticket sales:
Group ticket contains two adults and three 4 to 17 year old children.
Student tickets are sold to full-time students who can present a valid student card with a photo. Of international cards, only an ISIC student card is accepted.
Senior citizen tickets are sold to over 65-year-olds who can present an ID document as well as to persons with full pension pursuant to Kela.
Helsinki Card gives a discount of 2€ on normal adult tickets and 1€ on normal child (4 to 17 year old) tickets.

Need a map?

There are a lot of roads and trails in Helsinki Zoo´s 22-hectare rocky island so you maybe want to download this .pdf map to your mobile. Or just print it out! PS. You can get one for free from Zoo´s entrance.
Zoo Map

Different season, different zoo

Spring is full of surprises when the nature wakes up and animals bring out their newborns for the first time. Summer is a lovely time in the Finnish archipelago with lush, green nature. The ferry ride from the city centre is a wonderful experience. Autumn has its own spirit when the mythical darkness conquers the island and big cats in the Cat Valley get active. Winter can be truly magical when it snows – most of the animals stay outdoors throughout the year regardless of the weather. The tropical houses provide nice places to visit, especially during cold weather.

Remember to read our Zoo Etiquette

It’s a good idea to go through the old rules every now and then. Read the zoo etiquette and find out how to behave on the animals’ island, whether you can bring a pet to the zoo or where to go for lost and found items.
Zoo Etiquette

We are also in Tripadvisor so check out the reviews. BTW we have Tripadvisor´s Certificate of Excellence 2017!


 Pygmy Marmoset

Conservation work

Our mission is to work towards preserving biodiversity. We breed endangered species and participate in programs that aim to re-introduce the animals to their natural habitats. Helsinki Zoo is very well known for its work to help endangered big cats. For example snow leopards have had more cubs than in any other zoo. Helsinki Zoo is also the biggest annual donor for the endangered Amur leopard and tiger protection in the world.

Helsinki Zoo is a part of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), The European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA), and the International Zoo Educators Association (IZE). Zoos are often the last place to save animals that are endangered in their natural environments.

How to find us?

The Korkeasaari island lies close to the city centre. You can reach us through the Mustikkamaa recreation area all year round. In summer you can also take the boat from the Kauppatori market square or Hakaniemi.

Street address: Mustikkamaanpolku 12
Navigator address: Marsalkantie

Bus 16

By bus

Bus number 16 runs from the Central Railway Station to Helsinki Zoo every day all year round, except on Christmas Eve. The platform at the Railway Station is no. 17. The estimated travel time is 21-23 minutes.
Timetable bus 16

Ferry to Helsinki Zoo

By ferry

Ferries to Helsinki Zoo operates from the first of May until the end of September.

The ferries leave from two different locations – Kauppatori Market Square and Hakaniemi. Ferries to Korkeasaari run from Market Square and Hakaniemi in the summer season. At Market Square, ferries now depart from behind the Suomenlinna ferry service. The Market Square ferry runs the entire summer season from the 1st of May until the end of September. The Hakaniemi ferry runs in June, July and August. Please note that HSL travel cards are not valid on our ferry service. Get your ferry tickets on the ferry. Tickets to the zoo are bought when you arrive at Korkeasaari. You can also buy advance tickets from the Korkeasaari online store.

By car

We recommend using public transport or bicycles in the summer! Parking is available at the Mustikkamaa recreation area, some 400 meters from the zoo entrance. Half of the parking area is free of charge, but please note that the number of parking spaces is limited. Parking outside the parking lot is forbidden as it will block the bus route and emergency vehicles.


Contact Information

Helsinki Zoo
P.O. Box 1000, 00811 Helsinki
Street address: Mustikkamaanpolku 12
Navigator address: Marsalkantie

Customer service: +358 50 352 5989
E-mail: info (a)