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Explore the zoo

Free maps with a programme and services are available at ticket office. You can download the map to your mobile phone below. You can also listen to our free audio guide on your mobile device!

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At Korkeasaari Zoo we want our large animals to be able to enjoy outdoor life throughout the year. Therefore, instead of a giraffe or a hippo, you will see wolverines, forest reindeers, Amur tigers and Bactrian camels – all species adapted to extreme winter.

It is always warm in our two tropical houses Africasia and Amazonia, which are the largest and most diverse ones in the whole of Finland. In Africasia you will meet tropical birds, snakes, and a family of dwarf mongooses. In Amazonia you will be welcomed by tiny pygmy marmosets and other small monkeys, agoutis, parrots, lizards, and many more. You can find our full list of species here! You can find infomation about the species on the guidesigns next to the enclosures, also in English.

Some of the animals, like brown bears, skip the cold season by hibernating. During winter animals at our zoo grow a winter coat, so follow the dress code and put on warm clothes.

Accessibility and services for families

We work hard to make Korkeasaari island as wheelchair and pushchair-friendly as possible. However, Korkeasaari literally translates to “high island”, which means there are naturally steep ascents. When there are stairs, there is always an accessible alternative route. Exceptions are the lookout tower, duckboards and lean-to. On snowy days, we plow snow and sand the roads several times a day, if necessary.

There are few parking spots for the disabled next to the Mustikkamaa entrance. Parking at the spots for the disabled is only allowed for those possessing a disability sign for their car. A free entrance is offered to one accompanying carer per a visitor with a disability. Guide dogs or other service animals are not allowed on the island, as they pose a health risk to the zoo animals, or may pick up infections.

You can rent a stroller at both the Mustikkamaa and harbour entrances. There are plenty of them, but they might temporarily run out on a busy day. Renting a stroller costs three euros; you cannot reserve one beforehand. The stroller has one seat for a small child. At the moment, there are no rentable trolleys or wheelchairs. Toilets are equipped for the disabled, and with baby changing tables. Toilets are marked on both the map that is available at the ticket office and map signs that are in the zoo grounds.

There are several playgrounds and sites for exploring on the island. Largest playgrounds are located at the Bear Castle and next to restaurant Pukki. Playgrounds, lookout tower, duckboards and lean-to can get slippery and are closed for winter due to safety reasons.

Zoo etiqette

Do not feed the animals

The zookeepers take good care of the animals, so please do not give your food to the animals. They may become ill if the food is unsuited for them, and overfeeding is not healthy for them either. Please do not take away any feathers or hair as they may carry unwanted visitors to your home.

Do not disturb the animals

The zoo is home for the animals, so please do not disturb them. Animals feel threatened by the sound of knocking the windows or fences, throwing sticks or shouting. Please respect also the native wild animals you encounter around Korkeasaari Zoo. Drones are not allowed in the Zoo area.

The animals are dangerous

The animals in the zoo are wild, unpredictable, and potentially dangerous. When disturbed, they will defend themselves by ramming, biting, scratching, or spitting. The fences are there to protect both the animals and visitors.

No pets allowed

Pets do not enjoy visiting the zoo. In the zoo, they also pose a health risk to wild animals, and pets may also pick up infections.

Walking only

Skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters are too speedy for the hilly routes around the zoo. Visitors are not allowed to ride bicycles around the island. You can leave your bicycle in the bicycle park near the Mustikkamaa gate. Kids under seven years old can bring their kick scooters or bikes.

Do not litter

People and animals all prefer a clean and litter-free zoo. Please put your litter in the bins provided and recycle. Litterbins are on almost every corner.

Smoke only on designated areas

Korkeasaari Zoo is a smoke-free Helsinki destination. You can find four designated smoking areas on the zoo maps.

Feel free to grill, but not with a disposable grill

Disposable instant grills are not allowed for picnics at Korkeasaari Zoo. Visitors can use the permanent grills on the island, located for example in the Pukki park and on the Karhulinna shore.

Lost & Found

Lost property will be delivered to the main entrance gate (on Mustikkamaa Island), where you can reclaim your property by yourself. Found items are listed on eOmistaja service.

Property left to the zoo will be kept at the gate for two weeks. After that, valuables will be delivered to the Helsinki Police Department’s lost & found office. Unfortunately, Korkeasaari Zoo can’t mail lost property to its owners, as there are thousands of pieces of lost property turned in each year.

The Lost & found Office of the Helsinki Police Department
Helsingin poliisilaitoksen löytötavaratoimisto
Pasilanraitio 13
00240 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 (0)295 477 912