Group bookings

People looking at the brown bears

Group bookings

Arriving to Korkeasaari Zoo with a bigger group? Whether you want to book a guided tour or just visit the Zoo independently with your group, book your visit prior to your arrival. Korkeasaari has also rentable meeting rooms, ask more from our group sales. Send an enquiry!

Group prices starting from 1.9.2022 (inc. VAT 10%)

  • 10-29 people: 17 € per adult, 11 € per child
  • 30-99 people: 16 € per adult, 11 € per child
  • 100-499 people: 15 € per adult, 11 € per child
  • 500-999 people: 14 € per adult, 11 € per child
  • +1000 people: 13 € per adult, 11 € per child
  • School groups: read more information below

Group prices are only valid for groups that have booked a visit prior to their arrival. All enquiries must be sent at least a week before Zoo visit.

Guided tours

See the enchanting big cats, warm tropical houses, playful bears and other favourites of the Zoo, hosted by a guide. One guide can facilitate a maximum of 30 people, except for the Tropical guiding that has only room for 20 people. The total price of guided tours will be determined by the number of guides. All guided tours can be booked in English, ask for other language options. You can also spend your birthday at the Zoo, read more and book your birthday tour!


Finnish Korkeasaari

Korkeasaari’s Korpi area (Finnish for coniferous swamp) is only a quarter of an hour away from the Helsinki Central Railwaystation! Lynx, wolverine, forest raindeer, bear and moose all live in Korkeasaari. In this guided tour you will get to know the animals of the Finnish nature.

Duration: 1,5 h
Price: 124 € per guide (including VAT 24 %) + tickets to the Zoo
Max. 30 persons per guide.


Barbary macaques

Communality of animals

Our most popular guided tour dives into the customs and behaviour of different animals in a group. You will get the chance to mirror the ways of the animals to your own work or hobby group, with playful approaching of course!

Duration: 1,5 h
Price: 124 € per guide (including VAT 24 %) + tickets to the Zoo
Max. 30 persons per guide.


Przewalski's wild horses

Korkeasaari of the season

Get familiar with the most current, interesting and luminous animals of the Zoo. During this tour you will also hear of the important and vital conservation work Zoos and especially Korkeasaari do.

Duration: 1,5 h
Price: 124 € per guide (including VAT 24 %) + tickets to the Zoo
Max. 30 persons per guide.


Bali mynah

Tropical Korkeasaari

Tropical Korkeasaari focuses on the animals of rain forests and deserts. In the warmth of the Amazonia tropical building the guide will show you monkeys, exotic birds and poison dart frogs. In the Africasia building you will hear about tropical snakes, frogs and the lizards and dwarf mangooses of the deserts.

Duration: 1,5 h
Price: 124 € per guide (including VAT 24 %) + tickets to the Zoo
Max. 20 persons per guide.


Personalized lecture on the topic of your choise

Do you want to learn more about the conservation of a particular species, for example its reintroduction project? Or is your group interested in learning more about training the animals, research projects at the Zoo, or about the work of our Wildlife Hospital? Whether you are an animal professional or just interested in the subject, the experts at Korkeasaari will open up the secrets of the animal world to your group on the topic of your choice.

Duration: 1 – 1,5 h
Price: 248 € (including VAT 24 %) + tickets to the Zoo
Max. 70 persons in the Bear Castle’s auditorium, or max. 30 persons on an outdoor tour.

School groups in Cat Valley

School groups

School groups can visit Korkeasaari Zoo free of charge between October and April. From May until September the price is 5€ per pupil. Teachers accompanying school groups are entitled for a free entrance. Pricing for school groups is valid during the Finnish school semesters. Prices are not valid during Finnish school vacation time in the summer. A school visit needs to be applied for at least one week prior to the visit in order to get the school discount.

To get special prices or a free entrance for a school group an application for the visit needs to be sent at least a week prior to the visit to opintoretket (a) All applications for a school visit will be separately processed and accepted by our group sales. Prices are only valid during active school year, and for groups from comprehensive or upper secondary schools.

When sending an enquiry for a school group, please include the following:

  • Name of the school
  • Desired day of the visit
  • Time of arrival
  • Age of the pupils and which grade they are on
  • Name of the accompanying teacher/guide
  • Phone number of the accompanying teacher/guide

Send an enquiry

Please note that all enquiries must be sent at least a week prior to the visit.

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