Opening hours & services


Opening hours

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Korkeasaari Zoo is open daily from 10 o’clock, all year round. Last entrance is an hour before closing time. It takes about two hours to walk the recommended route marked on the map. Along the route, you will see about 50 species outdoors and 100 species indoors. Though at least two hours is recommended for a visit, you can easily spend the whole day at the zoo! It takes only 20 minutes to reach us from Helsinki city centre by a local bus or ferry.

2020     Mon – Fri     Sat – Sun Exceptions
JUNE Mon-Fri 10 – 20 Sat-Sun 10 – 20 Midsummer Eve 19.6. open 10 – 17
JULY Mon-Fri 10 – 20 Sat-Sun 10 – 20
AUGUST Mon-Fri 10 – 20 Sat-Sun 10 – 20
SEPTEMBER Mon-Fri 10 – 18 Sat-Sun 10 – 18 Night of the Cats & Evening of Temptations dates will be updated
OCTOBER Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 18 Korkeasaari day (free entry) 4.10. open 10 – 18,
Face You fears! 10. – 18.10. open 10 – 18
NOVEMBER Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16
DECEMBER Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16 Christmas Eve 24.12. open 10 – 14,
Christmas holiday 25. – 31.12. open 10 – 18


Food & drink

Restaurants, cafés and kiosks follow the zoo opening hours. In the summer, numerous services are available for the visitors. During winter, at least one restaurant is always open. Zoo’s restaurants are operated by Marcante Oy.
If you wish to bring your own lunch, indoor picnic areas at the Bear Castle and Amazonia house with microwave ovens in them are at your disposal all year round. Furthermore, a hut with a fireplace is open for our visitors when it’s not reserved for private events. During summer there are also several grilling places and picnic areas. Please do not share your lunch with wild or zoo animals.

Gifts & souveniers

The Zoo shop at the ferry harbour is open from May to September, and during rest of the year a minishop at the Mustikkamaa ticket office is open. With every purchase, you are supporting our work with conservation of endangered animals and biodiversity! The shop offers a vast collection of plush toy animals and other animal related whereas unique Korkeasaari Zoo products. Many of our products are made from recycled materials, and together with our suppliers we are reducing the amount of packaging waste. The plush toys are supplied by Wild Republic and Nature Planet, companies that comply with the strictest toy safety standards.


Easter Island

During Easter the Korkeasaari island transforms to Easter island! The Zoo offers fun activities for the whole family. Regular ticket prices apply during the Easter Island event.

Night of the Cats

On the first two Fridays of September, Korkeasaari Zoo is open only from 16:00 to midnight. It is the annual Night of the Cats: the zoo is open when the big cats are most active. In the evening the zoo becomes a magical place with candles and lights. All the species in Cat Valley are fed with enrichment surprises, and we also focus on other dusk-time creatures such as the wolverine, and wild boar. You can follow light shows, listen to music and enjoy your time in the nightly zoo. Separate tickets to the event are sold at the entrance and from the webshop, and Korkeasaari Zoo donates part of every ticket to conservation.

Evening of Temptations

Korkeasaari island becomes a romantic place for the Evening of Temptations in September, on Wednesday between the Night of the Cats events. As the sun sets, candles and colorful lights show the way around the zoo. You can spend time with your loved one enjoying music, performances and great food. The autumn shows its beautiful colors as the roars of the big cats echo to the sea. Separate tickets to the event are sold at the entrance and from the webshop, and Korkeasaari Zoo donates part of every ticket to conservation.

Face your fears!

During the Autumn holiday, you can find many scary things from the Zoo! Come and see if you are brave enough to face the snakes and cockroaches. During the event, the Zoo is open from 10:00 to 18:00. Regular ticket prices apply.

Lux Korkeasaari 25.12.2019 – 8.1.2020

Lux Korkeasaari, a satellite event for the renowned and beloved Lux Helsinki light art festival lights up the zoo during the darkest days of the year. At the same time it brings light to the future of the endangered snow leopards: of each ticket bought to the event, one euro will be donated to Snow Leopard Trust for the conservation of snow leopards in the wild. Read more and see scedules!