Opening hours & services

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Opening hours

Korkeasaari Zoo is open all year round. Last entrance is an hour before closing time. It takes about two hours to walk the recommended route marked on the map. Though at least two hours is recommended for a visit, you can easily spend the whole day at the zoo! It takes only 20 minutes to reach us from Helsinki city centre by a local bus or ferry.


    Mon – Fri     Sat – Sun Exceptions
JANUARY Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16 Lux Korkeasaari 30.12.2023 – 7.1.2024 open 10 – 19
FEBRUARY Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16 Winter holiday 17.-25.2.2024 open 10 – 18
MARCH Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16 Easter 29.3.-1.4.2024 open 10 – 18
APRIL Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16 Easter 29.3.-1.4.2024 open 10 – 18
MAY Mon-Fri 10 – 18 Sat-Sun 10 – 18
JUNE Mon-Fri 10 – 20 Sat-Sun 10 – 20 Midsummer Eve 21.6.2024 open 10 – 17
JULY Mon-Fri 10 – 20 Sat-Sun 10 – 20
AUGUST Mon-Fri 10 – 20 Sat-Sun 10 – 20
SEPTEMBER Mon-Fri 10 – 18 Sat-Sun 10 – 18 The Night of the Cats 7.9.2024 & 14.9.2024 open 10 – 23
OCTOBER Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16 Autumn holiday 12.-20.10.2024 open 10 – 18
NOVEMBER Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16
DECEMBER Mon-Fri 10 – 16 Sat-Sun 10 – 16 Christmas Eve 24.12.2024 open 10 – 14




Restaurant Karhu serves throughout the year at the Bear Castle during the Zoo’s opening hours. From this wonderful restaurant visitors may follow the activities of the bears from spring to autumn, and the terrace offers a view over the sea and the children’s playground. The restaurant’s menu contains everyone’s favourite dishes, such as hamburgers, meatballs and, of course, salads.

The doors of Restaurant Pukki, located in the middle of Korkeasaari, are open in the summertime when its buffet is filled with treats to suit the tastes of both young and old visitors. The offering also contains salty and sweet café products. Experience the exuberance and atmosphere of old in a gorgeous 19th century villa.

Bistro Bron is situated in Mustikkamaa by the Korkeasaari bridge, and it is open throughout the year according to the Zoo’s opening hours. In addition to café products, the bistro offers pizza in the summer and warm sandwiches in the winter.

The restaurant operations at the Zoo are handled by Marcante Oy. In the summertime there are also several kiosks around the Zoo where you can buy food, drink or ice cream.

Barbecue spots and picknick areas

The Zoo offers several barbecues for the use of visitors free of charge. The atmospheric Hut or lean-to shelter are also great barbecue spots. Disposable instant grills are not allowed for picnics at the Zoo. Korkeasaari Zoo provides the charcoal, but please bring your own food and ignition accessories (matches and fire starter).

There are several picnic tables at the Zoo. You may also eat your packed lunch indoors at the snacking space of the Bear Castle or in the lobby of Tropical House Amazonia, which also have microwave ovens.

Zoo shop

Zoo shop

The Korkeasaari shop offers an extensive selection of animal-themed souvenirs and toys, as well as the famous Korkeasaari postcards. In the summer the shop serves customers at the Harbour, while in the wintertime a smaller selection of products is offered at the ticket booth in Mustikkamaa.

We have paid special attention to ethical and ecological aspects when choosing the suppliers of our products. For example, all of the stuffing in our plush toys is made of recycled plastic. By making purchases at our shop you help support the operations of the Korkeasaari Zoo foundation and thus help promote the conservation of endangered species and biodiversity.

Special events

Dinosaur at Korkeasaari Zoo 2024

The ancient reptiles will inhabit in their own Jurassic and Cretaceous area, where they can be seen during zoo opening hours from June 1st to October 20th, 2024. The exhibition is included in the Korkeasaari Zoo ticket price. A large exhibition of nearly thirty dinosaurs, produced by Dinosauriosmexico, has previously been on display in only two science centres in Europe. Each dinosaur is designed to look as realistic as possible, combining scientific knowledge and skilful finishing. Twenty of the dinosaurs are brought to life with movement and sound.

Easter Island

During Easter the Korkeasaari island transforms to Easter island! The Zoo offers fun activities for the whole family. Regular ticket prices apply during the Easter Island event.

The Night of the Cats

In September during the Night of the Cats, Korkeasaari Zoo is open until dusk, when the big cats are most active. In the evening the zoo becomes a magical place with candles and lights. The species in Cat Valley get enrichment surprises, and we also focus on other dusk-time creatures such as the wolverine, and wild boar. You can follow light shows and enjoy your time in the nightly zoo. Korkeasaari Zoo donates part of every ticket to conservation. Read more!

Free entry days

Outside the summer season, from October to March, it is possible to visit the zoo free of charge once a month on specific free entry days: we want as many people as possible to be able to visit Korkeasaari Zoo and learn about biodiversity and its conservation! The free entry days for the winter season 2023-2024 are: 9.10.2023, 13.11.2023, 11.12.2023, 15.1.2024, 12.2.2024, 18.3.2024. We reserve the right to change the schedule. The zoo is open on free entry days from 10 to 16, the entrance closes at 15 and the number of visitors is limited to 5 000. It is not possible to book in advance for a free entry day.