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The Night of the Cats

The Night of the Cats

In September, Fridays and Saturdays 3.-4.9. and 10.-11.9.2021, Korkeasaari Zoo is open until dusk, when the big cats are most active. In the evening the zoo becomes a magical place with candles and lights. The species in Cat Valley get enrichment surprises, and we also focus on other dusk-time animals. You can follow light shows and enjoy your time in the nightly zoo. Korkeasaari Zoo donates part of every ticket to conservation!

Amur leopards and Amur tigers native to southeast Russia and northeast China are in danger of extinction. We rejoice that the numbers of Amur leopards are finally increasing, there is still hope! Currently there are about 100 Amur leopards in the wild, and the numbers have doubled during this decade. The Amur tiger population is five times stronger, as there are over 500 Amur tigers in the wild. The role of conservation is important for the survival of these species.

WildCats Conservation Alliance is a network of communities that actively participate in big cat conservation. Amur leopards and tigers are protected by monitoring conservation areas to prevent poaching and forest fires and by educating local people about the importance of conservation. The Amur leopard re-introduction will be a big project in the coming years.

Korkeasaari Zoo began supporting the Amur conservation project 22 years ago, and today we are one of the biggest donors in the world. Last year we raised 36 000 euros to help these endangered cats in their native environment.

Booking the visit & Tickets

Regular ticket prices apply for The Night of the Cats. Korkeasaari Zoo donates one euro per Night of the Cats visitor to the conservation of Amur big cats! You can also enter with an annual card. Each evening is limited to 5000 guests, so in addition to a valid ticket or annual card you also need a reservation for the Night of the Cats. All people on the same reservation need to arrive at the same time. Autumn tickets will be available for purchase on the first of September from our online shop. Tickets can also be bought from the ticket office on the day of the event, but a reservation will still be needed beforehand.



Korkeasaari Zoo is open from 10:00-22:00 during The Night of the Cats event days. Special programme will start at 17:00.

Follow the life of the cats when they are at their most active. Listen to species introductions and expert interviews between 17-21 o’clock. The cats will get a few surprise treats during the evening, but the feedings are not scheduled to prevent big crowds. Traffic at the Cat valley will be directed one way, entrance being at the lions’ side.

What are the animals up to during the evening? There are animal feedings between 17-21 o’clock, welcome to learn something new with our guides!

A light path installation by Flowers of Life will light your way from the Korkeasaari bridge all the way to the Cat Valley. The candles next to the Cat Valley represent the number of Amur leopards in the wild. When the evening falls, fire artists of Polte are performing in the harbour.

Come and discover how giant bubbles are created! Bubble workshop is open between 17-20 o’clock at the Bear Castle. The bubble artists of Ruffle Army will perform around the Zoo.

Restaurant Pukki is open until 22:00 and Restaurant Karhu is open until 21:00. Many other kiosks and street food options also available in the zoo area! Bistro Bron in Mustikkamaa next to the zoo tickets sales is also open until 22:00.

Help the endangered cats by buying AMUR products at the Korkeasaari Zoo shops! Part of the sales is donated to conservation work.

How to get there?


Local Helsinki region bus no. 16 from and to the Central Railway Station runs all year round. The travel time is 20–25 minutes. AB-region public transport tickets are valid for the bus. Notice that there is no ticket machine nor a cash machine at the zoo; please have a valid return ticket before visiting, or download the HSL mobile app for ticket purcase.

Fridays 3. and 10.9.

Central Railway Station - Korkeasaari
16:01 16:21 16:41
17:01 17:17 17:21 17:37 17:41 17.57
18:01 18:18 18:21 18:38 18:41 18:53
19:02 19:12 19:22 19:34 19:46 19:54
20:03 20:13 20:27 20:42 20:51
21:01 21:10 21:25 21:40
Korkeasaari - Central Railway Station
Busses marked with X operate a shorter route that will not go through Kulosaari.

16:10 16:30 16:50
17:10 17:30 17:50 17:55X
18:10 18:15X 18:27X 18:30 18:47X 18:50
19:07X 19:10 19:24X 19:30 19:43X 19:50
20:02X 20:14 20:25X 20:35X 20:40 20:55X
21:10 21:21X 21:34X 21:46
22:00X 22:10X

Saturdays 4. and 11.9.

Central Railway Station - Korkeasaari
16:02 16:22 16:42
17:02 17:17 17:22 17:37 17:42 17.57
18:02 18:19 18:22 18:39 18:42 18:53
19:02 19:12 19:22 19:34 19:47 19:54
20:03 20:13 20:27 20:42 20:51
21:01 21:10 21:25 21:40
Korkeasaari - Central Railway Station
Busses marked with X operate a shorter route that will not go through Kulosaari.

16:10 16:30 16:50
17:10 17:30 17:50 17:56X
18:10 18:16X 18:27X 18:30 18:47X 18:50
19:07X 19:10 19:24X 19:30 19:43X 19:50
20:02X 20:14 20:25X 20:35X 20:40 20:55X
21:10 21:20X 21:30X 21:40 21:55X
22:10 22:40


Kalasatama metro station is about 15 minutes (1 km) away by foot from the Zoo gate at Mustikkamaa. The metro runs every 2,5 to 5 minutes. Exit the metro station or REDI shopping mall to Leonkatu. AB-region public transport tickets are valid for the metro.


Yellow Helsinki City bikes, also known as Alepa-bikes, are available around Helsinki. Nearest city bike station from the zoo is located right next to the ticket sales. If you have your own bike, there is a parking place for bicycles next to the ticket sales in Mustikkamaa.

Etiquette for the evenings

The safety of our customers is our top priority, but we will also need your help to make the visit pleasant for everyone. Please, take note of the following instructions.

Safety distance
Always leave a lengthy safety distance between yourself and other pack members. The gap should be wide enough for a horse to pass through.

Use a face mask when visiting indoors. Don’t sneeze at others – the camel doesn’t use a tissue when it sneezes, but you must. Wash your paws with care – soap up and rub your paws like a raccoon. Use hand sanitizer as needed.

One way path in Cat Valley
Cat Valley has one way traffic throughout the night to keep the area spacious for everyone to watch animals. Start your Cat Valley stroll from the lions’ side of the valley. The access to the area might be restricted if needed.

Evening time
After 8pm only the lit routes marked on the map are available. Some of the species will retire already earlier. The Tropical houses are not open in the evening. It is not allowed to disturb the animals with flash lights or by knocking on their glasses, or otherwise.

The zoo closes at 22:00 o’clock.

We reserve the right to make changes to schedules, prices or programme.

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